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General Information

6th Grade Survey

Please use the link to fill out the survey about concerns and questions for 7th grade!

Who We Are...

Brace, Amanda Counselor
Herriott, Kathryn Counselor
Smith, Halli Registrar

Click on the small envelope next to a staff member's name to send a message to that staff member. Please see below for information regarding who your student's counselor is. 

Mrs. Brace is the counselor for students who have last names starting with the letters A-K. 

Ms. Herriott is the counselor for students who have last names starting with the letters L-Z. 

2015-2016 Course Description Guide and Registation Forms

Click HERE to access the CMJH 2016-2017 Course Description Guide

Click HERE to access the 7th grade registration form

Click HERE to access the 8th grade registration form

Your Cheyenne Mountain Junior High Counselors

Amanda Brace and Kathryn Herriott

A Note From Your AMAZING Counselors

Welcome CMJH Community!

We are very excited to partner with you all in the support of all students at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High. As school counselors, we wear many hats here in the building. It is important to us that our students and families know who we are and how we can assist in each student's academic success.

As school counselors we are here to support students academic, personal and social journeys during their two years at CMJH. Some of the ways we do this is by:

  • Ensuring academic planning for every student
    • If a student is experiencing academic difficulty, we want to help! We are often heard saying, “We can’t help you with a problem that we don’t know you have.” We encourage students and parents to get in contact with us right away; the earlier know we the better.
    • We are not just here to support our academically struggling students- it is our mission to make sure that all students’ academic needs are being met.
  • Providing individual student counseling
    • Individual academic counseling and planning
    • Whether it’s just a bad day, or a student is dealing with more significant mental health issues, we are here to listen, to talk and to support each student.
    • Adolescent years can be rough, which is an understatement!  Navigating the social aspects of junior high is something that is at the forefront of many of our students’ minds. As they traverse through the minefields, we want to be here to help guide- we have the map!
  • Promoting a positive and healthy school wide culture and climate
    • We are trying something new this year. To encourage a strong community among our students, families, and staff, we are introducing themes throughout the school year. Our goal is to have this be an on-going conversation with students in a variety of different ways. We will spend roughly one month on each theme. The themes we will cover this year are: 
      • Self-Advocacy 
      • ‚ÄčIntegrity
      • Responsibility
      • Determination
      • Acceptance
      • Kindness
      • Citizenship
      • Self-Care
    • ‚ÄčThe T-BIRD challenge is the foundation for student expectations. At the beginning of each school year, students learn what it means to be a T-BIRD (our school mascot), and are asked to sign the T-BIRD challenge. Below is a copy. We encourage you to look this over and talk about what it means with your child.

TBIRD Challenge: "Do the Right Thing"





Determination and


  • I will act responsibly and respectfully at all times, including before and after school
  • I will treat all students with respect and dignity. I will not participate in physical, verbal, or sexual harassment of another student at CMJH.
  • I will demonstrate compassion, positive encouragement, and participate in random acts of kindness toward students and all others at CMJH.
  • I will serve as an "upstander" by appropriately intervening and/or supporting any person I see being bullied, harassed, or mistreated OR I will report bullying, harassment I see to an adult, or use the anonymous Safe-to-Tell tip-line on the back of my student ID card.

We hope that this gives you all a basic idea of who we are, what we do, and and how best we can support you. Our favorite part of this job, and why we go into this business, is the students. Please come by and get to know us- building strong relationships is what we look forward to. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, by calling the main counseling phone at 719-475-6157 or by the email addresses below. 

Amanda Brace: (A-K counselor)

Kathryn Herriott: (L-Z counselor)

Thank you all so much and we look forward to a great year! 


Amanda and Kathryn

Mrs. Brace's Maternity Leave

Dear T-Birds and Families,

The spring semester of a school year can bring many wonderful experiences for all of you as students at CMJH, such as discovering a new interest or passion through academics or extracurricular activities.


This March, my husband and I are going to start a new journey; we will become parents to our baby girl! With that said, I will be taking maternity leave. My leave will most likely begin in the middle of March 2016, as that is when our daughter is due to arrive, and I will be gone for the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year. I will return to CMJH from maternity leave in August 2016 when the new school year begins.


Ms. Kathryn Herriott, my teammate and the other CMJH counselor, will serve CMJH students and families through the remainder of the school year. She will be an excellent resource for all of you while I am away. Additionally, Mr. Ted French will be my long-term sub working alongside Ms. Herriott while I am on leave. As my sub, Mr. French will be supporting the academic success of my students while I am away. Contact him with any concerns or questions that you may have as a student or a parent.


In closing, let me leave you with a brief message: 
     8th graders, may you finish the school year academically strong while you enjoy these last couple months at CMJH. Look ahead with excitement as you move onward and upward to CMHS as freshmen. Come visit me to let me know how life at the high school is!
      7th graders, may you complete your first year at CMJH successfully. Look toward your 8th grade year with greater self-confidence and new personal goals for yourself. See you in the fall!


Take care of one another and may all of you have a great spring semester!


Best regards,


Mrs. Amanda Brace

School Counselor: A-K

Cheyenne Mountain Junior High