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Staff Directory

Contact Dawn Anderson  Dawn Anderson Paraprofessional
Contact Amy Bales  Amy Bales Science
Contact Dan Bell  Dan Bell Band
Contact Amanda Brace  Amanda Brace Counselor
Contact Paul Cavender  Paul Cavender Fine Arts
Contact Todd Craig  Todd Craig English
Contact Mike Darlington  Mike Darlington Mathematics
Contact David Eick  David Eick Science
Contact Lori Eick  Lori Eick Staff
Contact Steve Fanning  Steve Fanning Social Studies
Contact Juley Flint  Juley Flint Gifted Education
Contact Connie Forsett  Connie Forsett Library Aide
Contact Vanessa Gauthier  Vanessa Gauthier Physical Education
Contact Kristi Gilbreth  Kristi Gilbreth Performing Arts
Contact Christine Gleason  Christine Gleason Science
Contact Beth Gorab  Beth Gorab Special Education
Contact Karen Greco  Karen Greco Special Education
Contact Shannon Green  Shannon Green School Nurse
Contact Kaci Guthrie  Kaci Guthrie Library Media Specialist
Contact Amy Hammes  Amy Hammes Mathematics
Contact Maria Heffernan  Maria Heffernan German
Contact Rebecca Hibbard  Rebecca Hibbard Science
Contact Ashley Hine  Ashley Hine English
Contact Erin Jaynes  Erin Jaynes (719) 475-6120 ex: 148 World Languages
Contact Candice Johnson  Candice Johnson Assistant Principal
Contact Natalie Kachnowski  Natalie Kachnowski ex: 124 English
Contact Kathleen Kane  Kathleen Kane Interventionist
Contact Nancy Kellick  Nancy Kellick Literacy Specialist
Contact Laura Koselak  Laura Koselak Science
Contact Lynn Lawonn  Lynn Lawonn Secretary
Contact Katherine Lee  Katherine Lee Attendance
Contact Sandy Libag  Sandy Libag Special Education Para
Contact Nick Massa  Nick Massa Physical Education
Contact Stephanie McCorkle  Stephanie McCorkle Counselor
Contact Brooke Mendez  Brooke Mendez Social Studies
Contact Sam Mendoza  Sam Mendoza Custodian
Contact Mark Miller  Mark Miller Mathematics
Contact Jeff Milliron  Jeff Milliron Technology
Contact Jen Milliron  Jen Milliron Fine Arts
Contact Pat Nagle  Pat Nagle Science
Contact Scott Nilsen  Scott Nilsen Teacher
Contact Katherine Odens  Katherine Odens Spanish
Contact Jonathan Ogg  Jonathan Ogg Science
Contact Kirstin Oseth  Kirstin Oseth Mathematics
Contact Brett Pierce  Brett Pierce English
Contact Kacy Pittman  Kacy Pittman Social Studies
Contact Deirdre Robinson  Deirdre Robinson (719) 475-6120 Special Education
Contact Tyler Seaney  Tyler Seaney Physical Education
Contact Beth Sedelmyer  Beth Sedelmyer (719) 475-6120 ex: 153 Physical Education
Contact Halli Smith  Halli Smith Registrar
Contact Jennifer Soto  Jennifer Soto Mathematics
Contact Jane Thomas  Jane Thomas Fine Arts
Contact Carol Turner  Carol Turner Fine Arts
Contact Lea Turner  Lea Turner (719) 475-6120 Social Studies
Contact Tim Valdez  Tim Valdez World Languages
Contact Greg Watkins  Greg Watkins Principal
Contact Tiffany Wolf  Tiffany Wolf English

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