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Final Exams
Posted 12/5/18

The first day of exams, Dec. 17th, will be a full day of school.  Dec. 18th, 19th, and 20th  will be partial days where students will only take two final exams per day; students can enter the building at 7:15 and are finished with their day at 10:15.  The specific exam schedule can be found on the CMJH website.  Some important reminders about final exams:

            *In ACCESS on Dec. 7th, we will have students create a “Final Exam Preparation Plan” to help them in budgeting their time and planning their study sessions.  Ask your child to see his/her plan.

            *Most, if not all, teachers will be providing students with study guides and/or reviews to help guide students' studying and help them focus on the most important material.

            *While it typically creates additional stress and angst for our students, it is sometimes unavoidable that students miss some final exams.  We reserve the afternoons of Dec. 18th, 19th, and 20th and all of Dec. 21st as make-up days if students are sick on one of the other final exam days.  If you know your child will be absent for his/her exams, please contact your child’s teachers to set up an early exam or a make-up exam.