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CMAS Testing
Posted 3/20/19

CMJH will be participating in the mandatory state testing program.  8th graders will be tested in the areas of English/Language Arts, math, and science and will test on April 10th, April 12th, and April 16th.  Our 7th graders will be assessed in the areas of English Language Arts and math and will be testing on April 11th and April 15th.  With the exception of Friday, April 12th, CMJH will run on a regular bell schedule (7:40 AM-2:40 PM), and on days when students are not testing, they will be attending their regular classes; they will however, report to their Access class for the first period of the day.  On April 12th, we will be on a slightly modified schedule; 8th grade testing will begin at 9:30 because they will be taking shorter science tests.  All 7th graders will be participating in an all day trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and will also arrive a bit later than usual.