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Basketball (Girls') Locker




FUNDAMENTALS:  They are the foundation for every individual play, offensive or defensive strategy, and every move that you make. The best players have perfected the basics of the game. Learning and mastering these basics in practice make the rest of the game much easier!  Over the course of the season, we will work on many if not all of these basic basketball fundamentals:

  • Lay ups
  • Shooting
  • Foul Shooting
  • Passing
  • Dribbling and ballhandling
  • Jump stops
  • Triple threat position and pivoting
  • Jab steps
  • Basic screening and cutting
  • Defense
  • Rebounding
  • Basic post moves

PLAYING IN GAMES:  Every girl will play in the games.  Depending on how many players are at a game, Coach Kellick will do her best to arrange playing time and substitutions so that each girl will ultimately get the same amount of playing time on the court.


IMPROVING vs. WINNING:  Although winning is great, it is not the goal of the C-Team.  The team is focused on playing hard, working with one other, staying positive and having fun!  If we win…great!  If we lose, we look at the positive things we did and work on how to improve weaknesses during practice.





CMJH Girls' Basketball

Tryout Information:

7th grade tryouts will be in gym 2 on the following dates:

Monday, December 10th, 3:00-4:30pm

Tuesday, December 11th, 3:00-4:30pm

Wednesday, December 12th, 3:00-4:30pm


8th grade tryouts will be in gym 1 on the following dates:

Thursday, December 6th-meeting with Mr. Miller 2:45-2:50 (in rm. 14)

Tuesday, December 11th, 3:00-4:30

Wednesday, December 12th, 3:00-4:30pm

Thursday, December 13th, 3:00-4:30pm (if necessary)


Coaching Staff

8th Grade Coach:  Mark Miller

7th Grade Coach:  Steve Fanning

C Team Coach:  Nancy Kellick

Coach Email Addresses
Contact Steve Fanning  Steve Fanning Social Studies
Contact Nancy Kellick  Nancy Kellick Literacy Specialist
Contact Mark Miller  Mark Miller Mathematics

2018-2019 Girls' Basketball Schedule


Opponent Location Time Dismissal Departure
1/10 Falcon MS Falcon MS 3:30 2:05 2:20
1/10* Falcon MS-C team* CMJH 3:30    
1/15 Panorama MS CMJH-gym 1 3:30    
1/15* Elizabeth MS*-C team CMJH-gym 2 3:30    
1/17 Skyview MS Skyview MS 3:30 2:05 2:20
1/17* Skyview C-team* CMJH 3:30    
1/22 Mountain Vista Community School CMJH 3:30    
1/22* Falcon MS-C team* Falcon MS 3:30 2:05 2:15
1/23* Carson MS-C team* Carson MS 3:45 2:30 2:45
1/23 Carson MS CMJH 3:30    
1/24 Watson JH Watson JH 3:30 2:20 2:35
1/24* Elizabeth MS-C Team* Elizabeth MS 3:45 2:05 2:15
1/28 Fox Meadow MS CMJH 3:30    
1/28* Skyview MS-C team* Skyview MS 3:30 2:05 2:20
1/30 Horizon MS Horizon MS 3:45 2:15 2:30
1/30* Horizon MS-C team* CMJH 3:30    
1/31 Fountain MS CMJH 3:30    
1/31* Fountain MS-C team* Fountain MS 4:15   3:15
2/4 BYE        
2/6 Janitell JH Janitell JH 3:30 2:20 2:35
2/7 Carmel MS CMJH 3:30    
2/7* Fountain MS-C team* CMJH-gym 2 3:30    
2/11 Sproul JH Sproul JH 3:30 2:20 2:35
2/13 Play-Offs (top 8)  TBD      
2/14 Semi-Finals  TBD      
2/15 Championship TBD      

*All schedules are subject to change*

 All C team games are marked with an *