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In concept, we run a very traditional Science Department with emphasis on hands-on learning. Our 7th grade program focuses on the Life Sciences, while 8th grade explores the Earth Sciences. We also offer an advanced Science track for qualified students in the 8th grade.

7th Grade Science: Life Science

This course is an introduction to a laboratory science.  The life science curriculum during the 7th grade includes twelve general areas of study.

First Semester – Scientific Method, Metric System, Measurement, Chemistry, Cells and Cell Processes
Second Semester – Cell Division, Genetics, DNA, Classification, Human Body, and Ecology

In each area of study, experimentation and the scientific method are stressed.  The student applies the use and care of the microscope, the electronic balance, and other laboratory equipment and procedures.

8th grade Science: Earth Science

One semester of study will cover Meteorology; the other semester will cover Astronomy.  Concepts in the physical sciences are incorporated throughout the year.

8th Grade Honors Science

This course is designed for students to develop evidence for an atomic model of matter through extensive experimentation and inquiry-based study of physical science. The progression is from what is around us in the greatest abundance, namely mixtures, to compounds and elements. In the process, students learn about the characteristic properties by which substances are recognized and separated. The course is a strong student-centered, laboratory-oriented program. (Earth Science components are also included as part of the curriculum to ensure success on 8th grade state assessments)

The criteria for selection include:

  • A department-developed comprehensive math and science test
  • 7th grade Science class performance
  • Quantitative CogAT score

The department chairperson and 7th grade science teachers review student results of criteria in February.